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Jiří Slavík, Liam Noble, Paul Clarvis


This album is released by Bivak Records and distributed by Animal Music and Supraphon.

The Noble-Slavík-Clarvis Trio plays purely acoustic music that draws deeply from the jazz tradition and playing styles of the past. However, it creatively transforms them into a contemporary form and at the same time points to the possible future development of this genre. The trio brings together the Czech double bassist Jiří Slavík and two musicians from the UK, both a generation older than him, the leading English jazz pianist Liam Noble and Abbey Road percussionist Paul Clarvis. The collaborative recordings of this acclaimed duo have been a major influence on Slavík since he first met them as a student at London’s Royal Academy of Music. Noble and Clarvis have played together in various formations and are also very fond of meeting as a duo to sail through pop, classical and jazz repertoire together with an easy, detached view and grace. Both musicians always manage to play with dynamics and enjoy making music together.

BR 006
10,50 €
My London Past
(Jiří Slavík)
Same Old S
(Jiří Slavík)
(George Gershwin)
Paul's Noble Waltz
(Jiří Slavík)
Nostalgia in Times Square
(Charles Mingus)
Red River Valley
It's a Long Way to Tipperary
(John McCormack)
And Then It Did Come
(Jiří Slavík)
Škoda lásky / Beer Barrel Polka
(Jaromír Vejvoda)
Personnel and sound:

Liam Noble – upright piano, vocals (7)
Jiří Slavík – double bass, lead vocal (7, 9)
Paul Clarvis – drums, vocals (7)
Alex Bonney – vocals (7)


Recorded by Alex Bonney at Woodbury Recording Studios, London
Mixed by Jiří Slavík & Alex Bonney
Mastered by Nick Wollage


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