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Vladimír Mišík & Blind Boys of Alabama

The Sixties (singl)

The Sixties is the first single from the new album Noční obraz (Night Image), which will be released on September 24. Vladimír Mišík is accompanied by Petr Ostrouchov, the producent of the album, and his band Blue Shadows. Mišík is also accompanied by the legendary gospel vocal ensemble Blind Boys of Alabama. The animated video is the work of world-famous director Michaela Pavlátová and Alexadra and Martin Maj. The lyrics of the song, in which Mišík autobiographically returns to the time of his youth, when expectations of future things were carried on waves of hope to be subsequently frozen by the arrival of Soviet troops, are supported by the optimistic retro mood of the music. The musical accompaniment is including organ-player Ondřej Pivec, who is building a successful overseas career for several years, and great pianist Jan Steinsdörfer.


ANI 097
1,00 €
Šedesátá léta (The Sixties)
(Vladimír Mišík / Vladimír Mišík)
Personnel and sound:

Vladimír Mišík - vocal
Blind Boys of Alabama (Ricky McKinnie, Ben Moore, Joey Williams) - vocals
Petr Ostrouchov - acoustic guitar
Ondřej Pivec - Hammond organ
Jan Steinsdörfer - piano, Wurlitzer
Josef Štěpánek - electric guitar
Matěj Belko - bass
Martin Novák - drums


Produced by: Petr Ostrouchov
Recorded & mixed by: Milan Cimfe & Pavel Karlík (Sono Records)


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