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The album is released by Bivak Records and distributed by Animal Music and Supraphon. 

SAKOBI is a new project of the Vilém Spilka Quartet. The band consists of Radek Zapadlo on saxophone, Vilém Spilka on double bass and Martin Kleibl on drums. Since they have been together for a long time in other ensembles, they are closely connected musically. Radek Zapadlo has been successfully active on the Czech jazz scene for two dozen years, most recently alongside Matej Benko, Ondrej Ruml, playing in the Cotatcha Orchestra, his own Four in Blue formation and the aforementioned Vilém Spilka Quartet. Martin Kleibl,after an eight-year stint with the Brno Philharmonic, oscillates in genre from classical to pop, plays in the OK Percussion duo with European-class marimbist Martin Opršál, accompanies singer Petr Bende and is the driving force behind the Vilém Spilka Quartet. For the SAKOBI project, Vilém Spilka replaced his main instrument, the guitar, with the double bass, which he began to play during the pandemic of the cover band. 

The trio's debut recording is released by Bivak Records. All members contributed to the album not only as players but also as composers. Zapadlo contributed the melancholic dirgeCesta za modrým sluncem (Journey to the Blue Sun), while Martin Kleibl's Na cestě (On theRoad) is typical uplifting Latin jazz. Vilém Spilka added the rest of the repertoire, his individual opuses revealing a variety of musical and non-musical inspirations-from his native Brno to Japan, to which the cryptogram in the band's name refers. In the spirit of Japanese realities, the debut album is titled Banzai!, something like a shout of Hurrrá or Yeehaw! Stylistically, the album is more or less unclassifiable, drawing on the traditions of jazz and other African-American styles, as well as folk music from Moravia and beyond.

BR 009
13,00 €
(Vilém Spilka)
Ve dne a v noci 
(Vilém Spilka)
Beguine aus Brūnn
(Vilém Spilka)
Hanácké gospel
(Vilém Spilka)
Říšský funk
(Vilém Spilka)
Cesta za modrým Sluncem
(Radek Zapadlo)
Bulharský valčík
(Vilém Spilka)
Na cestě
(Martin Kleibl)
Velkomoravské blues
(Vilém Spilka)
Personnel and sound:

Radek Zapadlo – saxophone

Vilém Spilka – double bass

Martin Kleibl – drums



Producers: Vilém Spilkam Jiří „Topol“ Novotný

Recording & mix: Jiří „Topol“ Novotný  (MAMU Studio, Žabčice, 2023)

Mastering: Jiří „Topol“ Novotný (Brno, 2023)

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