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Jazz Dock Orchestra


Jazz Dock Orchestra, whose career was established by their first gig in January 2018, is a “house bigband” for Jazz Dock, the renowned Prague jazz club, a magic and favourite place on the riverside, where top players form the Czech jazz scene and from abroad meet and play. The Orchestra consists of some of the best Czech and Slovak musicians, helmed by the English saxophonist and composer, Andy Schofield. So far the Jazz Dock Orchestra has welcomed several legendary guests at its gigs, among them Kurt Elling, Richard Bona, Ben Wendel and Niels Klein, and has played compositions and arrangements by the classics like Duke Elligton, Bob Brookmeyer, Charles Mingus or Gil Evans. Nevertheless, on this album, released to celebrate the band´s 5th anniversary, the musicians present the compositions by their own co-leaders – Andy Schofield and Jan Jirucha. The album was recorded live to capture the inimitable atmosphere and the unique energy often returned to the players by their fantastic audience at the Orchestra´s regular monthly gigs at Jazz Dock.

ANI 116
13,00 €
The Swinger (Andy Schofield)
Gil Evans (Jan Jirucha)
Night Colours (Andy Schofield)
Menga Baribir! (Jan Jirucha)
Dark Corners (Andy Schofield)
… And Goodnight (Andy Schofield)
Personnel and sound:

Jazz Dock Orchestra


Andy Schofield – alto sax, soprano sax, clarinet, flute

Petr Kalfus – alto sax, soprano sax, clarinet

Marcel Bárta – tenor sax, clarinet, bassclarinet

Suzanne Higgins – tenor sax, clarinet, flute

Jakub Cirkl – baritone sax, clarinet, bass clarinet 


Miroslav Nováček, Jaroslav Kohoutek, Miroslav Hloucal, Martin Jůzl – trumpet, flugelhorn


Jan Jirucha,  Richard Šanda, Štěpán Janoušek – trombone 

Tomáš Bialko – basstrombone


Jiří Levíček – piano

Tomáš Baroš – double bass

Daniel Šoltis – drums


Recording: Adam Karlík, Jazz Dock (live)

Mix: Adam Karlík, Sono Doupě Records

Mastering: Pavel Karlík & Adam Karlík, Sono Doupě Records


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