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Mirek Kemel: Vlčí stopy
Mirek Kemel

Vlčí stopy

Though he is better known as a caricaturist and author of cartoons (regularly published throughout the last three decades by most of the major Czech daily newspapers), he has alongside developed a very colourful music career which stands miles apart from his work in humour. He has three albums under his belt as singer and songwriter and has authored scores of songs and lyrics on various aspects of the world disclosing his own take on life. In the poetry of his lyrics and the simple melodies of the songs, Kemel comes across as either an introverted solitary performing on the guitar or accordion or as a charismatic frontman of his own band in which actor Vladimír Javorský has also played a central role. Kemel’s new album VLČÍ STOPY (Wolf Trail) originated out of a first-time collaboration with producer Petr Ostrouchov and Blue Shadows band who also have met on Vladimír Mišík’s two latest albums. Besides Ostrouchov, who has co-authored some of the album’s repertoire, it features guitarist Josef Štěpánek, double bassist Jaromír Honzák and drummer Martin Novák, as well as guest-vocalists Vladimír Javorský and Marie Puttnerová. Kemel’s new album brings a collection of authentic songs and uncomplicated stories with are endowed, however, with overreaching meanings and implications, all in a lively and riveting performance by a group of experienced studio musicians.

ANI 103-2
15,00 €
(Mirek Kemel / Mirek Kemel)
(Mirek Kemel / Mirek Kemel)
(Petr Ostrouchov / Jiří Orten)
(Petr Ostrouchov / Mirek Kemel)
Mrkvový dort
(Mirek Kemel / Mirek Kemel)
(Mirek Kemel / Mirek Kemel)
(Petr Ostrouchov / Mirek Kemel)
S kůží na trh
(Mirek Kemel / Mirek Kemel)
Ruku mi dej
(Petr Ostrouchov / Mirek Kemel)
Byt na prodej
(Petr Ostrouchov / Mirek Kemel)
Stopy ve sněhu
(Mirek Kemel / Mirek Kemel)
Ptáci hoří
(Mirek Kemel / Mirek Kemel)
Za naší stodolou
(Mirek Kemel / Mirek Kemel)
Personnel and sound:

Mirek Kemel - vocal

Petr Ostrouchov - guitars, piano, keys, percussion, chorus, vocal 

Josef Štěpánek - guitars, octave mandoline, lap steel, pedal steel, autoharp

Jaromír Honzák - acoustic bass, electric bass 

Martin Novák - drums, percussion, glockenspiel, vocal

Matěj Belko - Hammond organ, keys, electric bass

Jiří Bárta - cello

Marie Puttnerová - vocal

Vladimír Javorský - vocal

Magdaléna Borová - vocal


Producer: Petr Ostrouchov

Recorded by Adam Karlík, Milan Cimfe (Sono Records, Nouzov)

Mixed by Milan Cimfe, Petr Ostrouchov (Sono Records, Nouzov)

Mastered by Pavel Karlík (Sono Records, Nouzov)



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