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Andrea Šulcová

About the artist:

Andrea Šulcová is a singer, songwriter, and flutist active in various genres including jazz, folk or acoustic pop. She has been member of Concept Art Orchestra since 2015 as a flutist and also contributing to the ensemble´s management. She debuted as a singer with her solo album Opportunities bringing her own music that draws inspiration from what she loves the most – folk pop with a touch of American country, played by jazz and multi-genre musicians. She played guitar, sung and wrote her own tunes since she was a young girl but never considered herself as singer. What used to be a beloved pastime turned into an innermost wish that she realized she wants to pursue fulltime only after she fought off a serious disease. Andrea is currently settled in Dresden where she works as a music teacher, performing both in Germany and Czech Republic regularly.

You Always Say (Opportunities, 2022)
Opportunities (Opportunities, 2022)
Piece of Wood (Opportunities, 2022)


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