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Katarzia na turné s kapelou a novým albem Šťastné dieťa
About the artist:

Katarzia is a songwriter, lyricist and producer who sings in her native Slovak though she has been living in Prague, the Czech Republic, for many years. Her debut album Generácia Y (2013, Slnko Records) brought her an instant recognition. Thanks to her acute insight into how relationships work (and fail) and her ability to capture emotions in her lyrics that are instantly recognizable to her listeners, she has been hailed as one of the leading exponents of her generation. The lyrics are the cornerstone of her work and are often praised by her listeners and critics alike. Katarzia frequently collaborates with Slovak producer Jonatán Pastirčák (Isama Zing, Pjoni), an eminent figure on the Slovak alternative scene, and with producer and sound wizard Oliver Torr. The collaboration with Jonatán, which has left a great stamp on Katarzia’s music and her style of singing, began while they worked together on music for a performance of Antigona (2018) at the Slovak National Theatre, producing an eponymous, prize-winning album as part of the project. Katarzia’s first collaboration with Oliver Torr took place at the Archa Theatre, on the occasion of a laser show initiated by the world-renowned light designer David Vrbík. In 2021 Torr produced Katarzia’s fifth album, n5, which had been composed with Ableton. In 2023 the singer song writer returned to the acoustic band sound and her latest album, Šťastné dieťa, was recorded in collaboration with producer Petr Ostrouchov. Critics have praised the album as her most delicate creation to date and compared her concert performances of the music to therapy. Katarzia engages in diverse forms of activism in support of freedom and tolerance. She often uses the attention of media to promote the rights of women, feminist thought and politics, and to speak of inequities faced by members of the LGBTQ+ community.

(Šťastné dieťa, 2023)
Kniha nepokoja
(Šťastné dieťa, 2023)
(Šťastné dieťa, 2023)


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