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Marian Friedl

About the artist:

Marian Friedl is member of several, generically diverse projects, in which he sings, plays the bass, various folk flutes and pipes, clarinet and a small cimbalom. His own style approximates world music most, which is apparent in his traditionalist, earthy projects that he performs with RukyNaDudy folklore band (Píseň země / The Song of Earth, Písně Hukvaldských Beskyd / The Songs of the Hukvaldy Beskids, Beskydská Odysea /The Beskids Odyssey), and his other, more experimental projects, encompassing diverse genres, production solutions, and contemporary song writing rooted in traditional music (Beránci a vlci /Lambs and Wolfs, 11 podob lásky /Eleven Faces of Love). In his own words, he draws inspiration from music around the world, not least that from the provenience of the Carpathian Mountains, and jazz. As a performer, he plays free jazz with the Norwegian-Czech quartet NOCZ, avant-garde contemporary music with Didrik Ingvaldsen Orchestra. Marian is also a sought-after pedagogue and co-author of a songbook and textbook of play on the traditional whistle without holes.    

„I don’t look for inspiration; it overtakes me, thank God!“

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(Píseň země, 2019)
Při ohňu
(Píseň země, 2019)
Dívčí zpěvy
(Píseň země, 2019)
Idú ovce, idú
(Píseň země, 2019)
Ta kralova hora
(Mateřština, 2016)