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Nikol Bóková

Prometheus won the Czech Music Academy Award for the best jazz album of 2021
About the artist:

Since 2017, Nikol has been expanding her sphere of activities, including the world of classical music in which she originally trained, but also her own projects and composition. She has recorded three studio albums and has become part of the Czech jazz scene. Critics have described her music as elegant, deeply emotional, and dynamic. Her basic platform is the classic jazz trio (piano-bass-drums), which is closest to her heart and ear. With each new album, however, she has been exploring new, hitherto uncharted territories. 

„I keep my ears pricked up, always seeking for music that I want to hear and that I’d like to play. I suppose I’m am guided by my own intuition and curiosity to see where new combinations of sound might take me next. I’m conscious of how my knowledge of classical music has been helping me to define my own way.“ In addition to composing and performing, Nikol has been focussing on audio-visual projects and has recorded masterclasses for the Cataplasm project. You can support Nikol Bóková and her projects through Patreon.

Artist´s picks from the Animal Music catalogue: Piazzolla by Radek Baborák and his Orquestrina. 

(Prometheus, 2021)
(Unravel, 2020)
Happy To Be Three)
(Inner Place, 2019)


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