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Steve Walsh

About the artist:

American guitarist and producer Steve Walsh has collaborated with eminent artists such as Norah Jones or double bassist Viktor Krauss. He comes from Boston and has lived between Nashville and the Czech Republic, having maintained his contacts with the Czech musical scene since 2007. For Animal Music, he recorded an album with foremost Czech musicians of the young generation at the time: organist Jan Kořínek, drummer Daniel Šoltis, and double bassist Tomáš Liška, with whom he first met performing with bands November 2nd and Druhá tráva. The album Daily Specials comprises “songs in the style of American blues, jazz, country, and New Orleans music, but there is always some unexpected development. I incorporate all sorts of influences and I really like a lot of different music styles, providing they come with a soul,” says Walsh. The album comprises pieces based on lesser-known songs and compositions by Duke Ellington, Charles Lloyd, or excellent guitarists such as Howard Roberts or Melvin Sparks.

A Little Piece of Tennessee (2012)
Hot Chicken (2012)
Conjunction Mars (2012)


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