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Vojta Nýdl

About the artist:

Vojta Nýdl is known above all member of the multi-genre formation Clarinet Factory, of the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra and Prague Philharmonia. In his first solo album entitled Child of the Wind, he made his debut as a vocalist and author of both music and his own lyrics. Even before this project, he made a guest appearance on the album Eternal Seekers, collaborating with Lenka Dusilová and Beata Hlavenková, and it was Beata who later initiated and produced Vojta’s solo album.

„I’m inspired by great many things, but most of all it’s the powerful life stories of people around me. My own experiences count too, of course – not just the pleasant ones but the more difficult ones as well – and, paradoxically, it’s been the latter ones that have proved to be the most powerful source of inspiration.“ Vojta’s own life has inspired his album Child of the Wind which reflects the event of the premature birth of his second daughter.  

Artist´s picks from the Animal Music catalogue: Piazzolla by Radek Baborák and his Orquestrina, Theodoros by Beata Hlavenková, and Řeka (River) by Lenka Dusilová. 


Dítě z větru
(Dítě z větru, 2021)
Mandala v písku
(Dítě z větru, 2021)
Za vodou
(Eternal Seekers, 2012)


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