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New video: Funkle / Hlaskontrabas Oktet


Watch the new music video of Funkle composed by Mats Eilertsen and performed by Hlaskontrabas Oktet. The song will be part of the upcoming debut album by this unique formation featuring 4 singers and 4 double bassists. Their new album Kaleidoscapes will be out on April 26.

The Norwegian double bassist and composers says of his composition Funkle (Norwegian word for "glitter"): "Melodic piece written for the wonderful Hlaskontrabas Oktet very much based on a personal approach to playing the bass. Interpreted wonderfully by the ensemble!"

The video combines images of breathtaking icelandic landscape and documentary footage from the octet´s summer workshop in Iceland where they met the composers who. among others contributed to the album - Mats Eilertsen, Nils Økland, Pétur Ben and Ragga Gröndal - rehearsed with them and performed on several places including the beautiful Herring Era Museum in Siglufjördur. 


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