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Mirek Kemel: Vlčí stopy

New album by Mirek Kemel


Though he is better known as a caricaturist and author of cartoons (regularly published throughout the last three decades by most of the major Czech daily newspapers), he has alongside developed a very colourful music career which stands miles apart from his work in humour. Kemel’s new album VLČÍ STOPY (Wolf Trail) originated out of a first-time collaboration with producer Petr Ostrouchov and Blue Shadows band. Besides Ostrouchov, who has co-authored some of the album’s repertoire, it features guitarist Josef Štěpánek, double bassist Jaromír Honzák and drummer Martin Novák, as well as guest-vocalists Vladimír Javorský and Marie Puttnerová. Kemel’s new album brings a collection of authentic songs and uncomplicated stories with are endowed, however, with overreaching meanings and implications, all in a lively and riveting performance by a group of experienced studio musicians.

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