Martin Brunner Band: Levels of Life

NEW RELEASE: Levels of Life by Martin Brunner Band


Six years after the purely acoustic album Morning Walks, composer and pianist MARTIN BRUNNER releases his new recording, LEVELS OF LIFE, with a markedly rock sound featuring the retro sound of the polyphonic analogue synthesizer Prophet 6 besides classicla piano. Brunner’s musical partners here are musicians who easily cross the boundaries between musical genres; as players equipped with jazz erudition and wealth of experience, they return here to the music of their youth, yet with the necessary sense of detachment. The result is naturally flowing music and sound that shows esteem for classical rock and fusions with jazz, funk and disco, without losing any of its authenticity and progressiveness. 
CD release concert takes place on October 23 at the VILA Štvanice, Prague, from 8pm - tickets
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