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Lenka Dusilová & Petr Ostrouchov

Water Lost and Returned

Water Lost and Returned is an original soundtrack from the eponymous documentary film by Radek Plihal on the restauration of wetlands in Sumava National Park. Film is a visual and sonic meditation on the beauty of the Southern Bohemia nature, it observes the fascinating return of water into the landscape where it helps to mitigate the consequences of climate change. It contains a number of breathtaking shots of wild animals and the most valuable locations in the heart of the national park. Lenka Dusilová and Petr Ostrouchov accompanied the film with a single continuous flow of ambient music and sounds that tell the story of water lost and returned again after a long period of draining and agricultural cultivation. The film was created within the restauration project "Life for Mires" maintained in the Sumava National Park and Bavarian Forest National Park since 2018. It is the largest restauration project leading to the recovery of the natural water regime in the Sumava landscape.


ANI 118-2
13,00 €
Water Lost and Returned
(Lenka Dusilová, Petr Ostrouchov)
Personnel and sound:

Music, arrangement, recording and production: Lenka Dusilová & Petr Ostrouchov
Mixed by Michal Pekárek
Mastered by Adam Karlík

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foto Radek Plíhal
foto Radek Plíhal
foto Radek Plíhal


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