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Lenka Dusilová: Řeka
Lenka Dusilová


The new, long-awaited album of Lenka Dusilová, a unique presence on the Czech music scene, which is released nine years after the singer’s previous solo album, introduces a new repertoire, sound and team of musicians, as well as an array of personal themes. Dusilová invited two producers who represent two very different musical worlds to work with her on the album: Petr Ostrouchov and the beat maker and electronic wizard Aid Kid, a member, among others, of Zvíře jménem podzim. The colourful layers of the album’s sound are the result of contribution by a number of musicians. In one of the tracks, Lenka is joined by singers Monika Načeva and Iva Bittová. The ingenious and intricate river of sound is endowed with a fascinating dynamic. Thanks to the singer’s unique voice and the subliminal evocation of family stories, “the album may be remindful of a film soundtrack. Its primary aim is to paint the atmosphere and present a stream ‘scenes’, even though these are only projected onto the listener’s mind. Yes, a ‘stream’, indeed: the album is titled River for a reason. It is an hour-long, continuous flow of music.” (Ondřej Bezr, Lidovky.cz) The album is best experienced in silence and played on the 2-LP or CD, or if downloaded in the digital version which comprises a bonus track with the album as a whole, including all the connecting atmospheres which have been left out from the versions intended for streaming. "River brings no simple music. It requires a focused concentration on the part of the listener, as the individual songs fade into one another, accumulating as different streams. Together, they create a distinct shape, like a film which cannot be watched otherwise but in one go. It is a deep, complex album. It leaves little space for relaxation and yet it will leave you charged with incredible energy.” (Honza Průša, musicserver.cz)
The first 200 vinyls and the first 200 CDs with Lenka’s autograph!
The 2-LP limited edition will be available at the end of November but you can order now.

ANI 089-2
32,00 €
Białe konie
(Lenka Dusilová, Dorota Barová)
(Lenka Dusilová)
Panenka Maria: sádrové lepidlo
(Lenka Dusilová / Małgorzata Lebda, Bogdan Trojak)
(Lenka Dusilová / Lenka Dusilová, Martin E. Kyšperský)
(Lenka Dusilová / Lenka Dusilová, Martin E. Kyšperský, Jakub König)
(Lenka Dusilová)
(Lenka Dusilová / Lenka Dusilová, Martin E. Kyšperský)
(Lenka Dusilová)
(Lenka Dusilová / Lenka Dusilová, Martin E. Kyšperský)
(Lenka Dusilová, Monika Načeva / Dorota Barová, Irma Geisslová)
Personnel and sound:

Lenka Dusilová – voice & vocal effects, el. guitar, synth, loops
Roman Vícha – drums, percussion
Miloš Dvořáček – drums
Martin Brunner – keyboards
Matěj Belko – bass, el. guitar, keyboards
Vojtěch Procházka – keyboards
Petr Ostrouchov – ac. and el. guitar, el. drums, percussion, vibraphone, marimba, keyboards, harp, vocals
Aid Kid – keyboards, treatments, sonic landscapes, programming
Jiří Slavík – acoustic bass, violin, viola, cello
Marcel Bárta – saxophones, bass clarinet, vocals
Thomas Bloch – glass harmonica, cristal baschet
Iva Bittová – voice
Monika Načeva – voice
Dorota Barová – voice, cello
Beata Hlavenková – piano
Josef Štěpánek – pedal steel guitar, lap steel
Oskar Török – trumpet
Milan Cimfe – percussions, voice
Viliam Béreš – vocal samples
Concept Art Orchestra – horns


Recorded by Milan Cimfe (Sono Records, Nouzov/CZ)
Mixed by Milan Cimfe, Aid Kid, Petr Ostrouchov (Sono Records, Nouzov/CZ)
Mastered by Pavel Karlík (Sono Records, Nouzov/CZ)
Produced by Petr Ostrouchov, co-produced by Aid Kid & Lenka Dusilová

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