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Luboš Soukup & Christian Pabst


Saxophonist Luboš Soukup together with his long-term musical partner, German pianist Christian Pabst, have recorded a new album. The duo mostly play their own repertoire and their artistic goal is to maintain a meaningful musical dialogue. By way of improvization and their free approach to the compositions, they achieve a uniquely powerful style of interpretation. Levitas draws on jazz, but also dips into folklore and classical music for inspiration. The two musicians met in Denmark almost 10 years ago when they both lived in Copenhagen, studying at the Danish National Academy of Music. Already their first collaboration showed how well they got along, as musicians and personalities. Since then, they have given a number of concerts in Demark, the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands and Slovakia. Levitas is their third joint album, preceded by Through the Mirror from 2013 and Země (Earth) from 2017, which was recorded together with the renowned guitarist Lionel Loueke as guest. 


ANI 106-2
10,50 €
Barcelona (Luboš Soukup)
Levitas I. (Luboš Soukup)
The Red Sea (Luboš Soukup)
Brasilian (Luboš Soukup)
Snow (Christian Pabst)
Emma (Luboš Soukup)
The House Above the Trees (Luboš Soukup)
Mesa (Luboš Soukup)
Levitas II. (Luboš Soukup)
Storm (Christian Pabst)
Personnel and sound:

Luboš Soukup – saxophone, clarinet

Christian Pabst – piano


Ondřej Urban – recording, Sound Studio HAMU

Milan Cimfe, Luboš Soukup – mixing, Sono Records Doupě

Adam Karlík, Pavel Karlík – mastering, Sono Records Doupě



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