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Concept Art Orchestra: 100 Years
Concept Art Orchestra

100 Years

100 YEARS is a large suite, a collective work of the Prague Six, the composers concentrated around the Concept Art Orchestra big band. The composition originated as a tribute to the one hundredth anniversary of the foundation of Czechoslovakia in 2018 and consists of six parts in which the authors allude to various periods in the history of the Czechoslovak and later Czech Republic, with originality and energy typical of the big band. Štěpánka Balcarová, Jan Jirucha, Luboš Soukup, Martin Brunner, Tomáš Sýkora and Vít Křišťan each have authored one of the six movements in which they make full use of all the orchestration possibilities offered by a big band, expanding these with non-traditional instruments such as Ondes Martenot, the chimes or Moog synthetizer. The fourth movement, dedicated to the period of the so-called normalization in the 1970s and 1980s and based on the motives of a song by The Plastic People of the Universe, features a special guest, the saxophonist Vratislav Brabenec. This, already third recording by Concept Art Orchestra on the Animal Music label confirms the indisputable place of the band (the holder of the 2015 Anděl Award for the best jazz album of the year) on the current big-band scene and testifies to their capacity to create original works rooted in the current musical and historical context as well as perform them to the highest professional standards.

ANI 091-2
10,50 €
16bit / 44.1kHz
Part 1
(Štěpánka Balcarová)
Part 2
(Jan Jirucha)
Part 3
(Luboš Soukup)
Part 4
(Martin Brunner)
Part 5
(Tomáš Sýkora)
Part 6
(Vít Křišťan)
Personnel and sound:

Štěpánka Balcarová – conductor, trumpet

Andrea Šulcová, David Fárek, Petr Kalfus, Malte Schiller, Luboš Soukup, Jonas Brinckmann – saxophones, clarinets, flutes
Felix Meyer, Gerhard Ornig, Jan Kaiser, Jan Přibil – trumpets and flugelhorns
Jan Jirucha, Štěpán Janoušek, Richard Šanda, Jakub Žídek, Johannes Oppel – trombones
Vít Křišťan – piano, Fender, keys, samples
Petr Dvorský – acoustic bass, electric bass
Kamil Slezák – drums

Tomáš Sýkora – samples, sound effects
Martin Brunner – Prophet, piano
Jan Linhart – glockenspiel
Ondřej Kabrna – Ondes Martento, accordion
Vratislav Brabenec – alto saxophone, clarinet
Petr Ostrouchov – timpani, orchestral percussions


Recorded at Smečky Studios (Prague/CZ)
Additional recording at Sono Records (Nouzov/CZ)
Mixed by Milan Cimfe, Petr Ostrouchov & Štěpánka Balcarová at Sono Records (Nouzov/CZ)
Mastered by Pavel Karlík & Adam Karlík at Sono Records (Nouzov/CZ)

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