Liška, Malina, Nejtek: Fragile Bliss
Tomáš Liška/Luboš Malina/Michal Nejtek

Fragile Bliss

Three musicians, each of them from a different musical background, have come together to record “Fragile Bliss”, a multi-genre compilation of authentic acoustic music based on jazz as well as folk roots. Tomáš Liška, a bassist well-established on the Czech jazz scene, together with Luboš Malina (banjo), a founder and producer of the Druhá tráva band, and Michal Nejtek (piano) known for his contemporary music compositions and as a member of David Koller´s group, have created an open musical space in which their various musical experiences can freely meet and intertwine.

ANI 053-2
9,50 €
In Delhi
(Luboš Malina, Tomáš Liška)
Helva Moon
(Tomáš Liška)
(Luboš Malina)
Uvidíme I.
(Tomáš Liška)
Fragile Bliss
(Michal Nejtek)
Conjunction Venus
(Tomáš Liška)
Uvidíme II.
(Tomáš Liška)
Cestou k jaru
(Tomáš Liška)
Song for Béla
(Luboš Malina)
Uvidíme III.
(Tomáš Liška)
Personnel and sound:

Tomáš Liška – Acoustic bass
Luboš Malina – banjo, barytone banjo, kaval, whistle
Michal Nejtek – piano, samples
Kamil Slezák j.h. – drums (5, 6, 8, 10)


Recorded by Jan Košulič at Orlí Theatre Recording Studio, Brno/CZ
Mastered by Pavel Karlík at Sono Records, Nouzov/CZ

Press Release:
Photos (print quality)
Tomáš Liška, Luboš Malina, Michal Nejtek (photo Jiří Turek)
Tomáš Liška (photo Jiří Turek)
Luboš Malina (photo Jiří Turek)
Michal Nejtek (photo Jiří Turek)