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Treetop is the eponymous debut by the jazz trio that was established by the Czech Berlin-based accordion player VOJTA DRNEK, Prague-based trombonist RICHARD ŠANDA, and double bass player MICHAL ŠELEP, a native of Bratislava. Most of the album features original material developed over the course of the last three years, during which time they performed on several tours in Central Europe (Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Bulgaria), though it also includes arrangements of pieces by Edvard Grieg and Béla Bartók, Charlie Haden, and one folk song. Their unusual instrumentation – accordion, trombone, and double bass – allows them to include many influences in their music: jazz, folk music, classical music, and the compositional techniques of contemporary music. All the members of the group are active in projects in a broad range of genres, connecting their experience and inspirations in this group into a unique whole with original sound colours and excellent interplay.

ANI 098
9,50 €
16bit / 44.1kHz
(Vojta Drnek)
And One More, And One More
(Vojta Drnek)
How Do You Feel?
(Vojta Drnek)
(Vojta Drnek)
Cold & Late
(Richard Šanda)
Andante - 14 Bagatelles
(Béla Bartók, arr. Vojta Drnek)
Grave - 14 Bagatelles
(Béla Bartók, arr. Vojta Drnek)
Blues in T
(Vojta Drnek)
Melodi - Lyric Pieces, Book IV., Op. 47
(Edvard Grieg, arr. Michal Šelep)
Koulelo se, koulelo
(Czech folk song, arr. Richard Šanda)
The Flower She Loves the Most
(Richard Šanda)
(Vojta Drnek)
(Charlie Haden, arr. Richard Šanda)
Personnel and sound:

Vojta Drnek - accordion
Richard Šanda - trombone
Michal Šelep - double bass


Recorded by Adam Karlík (Sono Records/Nouzov)
Mixed by Milan Cimfe (Sono Records/Nouzov)
Mastered by Adam & Pavel Karlík (Sono Records/Nouzov)

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