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David Dorůžka: Autumn Tales
David Dorůžka

Autumn Tales

The guitarist and composer David Dorůžka, a leading representative of the Czech jazz scene, comes with his new album “Autumn Tales” almost ten years after he released his previous solo record, “Silently Dawning”. In the meantime, however, he has worked on dozens of projects with various other artists. The album, recorded as a standard guitar trio with an acoustic rhythm section, mainly features David's original songs. These are nevertheless inspired by such diverse sources as Jewish music, the oeuvre of Bohuslav Martinů and the Czech interwar popular jazz scene. David´s bassist Jiří Slavík who is also an excellent soloist and composer has contributed two compositions.

ANI 058-2
10,50 €
16bit / 44.1kHz
Glaciers Melting
(David Dorůžka)
Tale of the Autumn Sea
(David Dorůžka)
Shir Hamidbar
(David Dorůžka)
Unter Dayne Vayse Shter'n
(Abraham Brudno)
Vláček motoráček
(Jiří Slavík)
Opuštěný milý
(Bohuslav Martinů)
Homeland Elegy
(David Dorůžka)
Song From the North
(David Dorůžka)
(Jiří Slavík)
Hm hm, ach ty jsi úžasná
(Leopold Korbař)
Introuduction to Sh'chav Beni
(David Dorůžka, Jiří Slavík, Martin Novák)
Sh'chav Beni (Lullaby)
(Shalom Charitonov)
Personnel and sound:

David Dorůžka – electric & acoustic guitar
Jiří Slavík – acoustic bass
Martin Novák – drums & percussion



Recorded and mixed by Milan Cimfe at Sono Records, Nouzov, CZ
Mastered by Pavel Karlík at Sono Records, Nouzov, CZ

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