Zkoleduj se
Zkoleduj se

Zkoleduj se

The Advent charity project of concerts entitled "Zkoleduj se" (GET CAROLLED) was first initiated by the Czech actor Petr Vaňek three years ago; this Christmas it is finally released as a studio recording. The album comprises 13 Christmas songs, mostly folk songs in original, playful arrangements by Marek Doubrava who is a member of Hmm… band. His arrangements are based on the tradition of lively and entertaining collective carol singing. The vocal parts have been undertaken by excellent actor-singers Adéla Petřeková, Petra Kosková, Magdaléna Borová, Jan Meduna, Richard Fiala, Ondřej Nosálek and Petr Vaněk who have been joined by Pavla Fendrichová, originally their vocal coach, and many of whom also accompany themselves on musical instruments. The energy with which they set about performing the multi-vocal passages in which it is impossible to overhear the influence by vocalists such as Bobby McFerrin can be an inspiration to listeners to join in and create a truly Christmas atmosphere – all the more so that the singing band of actors has been joined by their children in the studio. A reliable rhythmic base for the singer-instrumentalists led by Marek Doubrava has been provided by the duo Rastislav Uhrík (double bass, member of Vertigo) and Martin Kopřiva (drums, member of Lanugo).

ANI 083-2
9,50 €
Seď a tiše poslouchej
(Petr Ulrych/Petr Ulrych)
Na čem Pán Bůh sedí
(lidová/aranžmá Marek Doubrava)
Byla cesta ušlapaná
(lidová/aranžmá Marek Doubrava, Magdaléna Borová)
Sedzi vrabček
(lidová/aranžmá Zuzana Vlčinská)
Vondráši Matóši
(lidová/aranžmá Marek Doubrava)
Uvaříme kašičku
(lidová/aranžmá Marek Doubrava)
Půjdem spolu do Betléma
(lidová/aranžmá Marek Doubrava)
Chtíc aby spal
Adam Michna z Otradovic
Stojí lipka pochyla
(lidová/aranžmá Zuzana Vlčinská)
Nesem vám noviny
(lidová/aranžmá Marek Doubrava)
Padla rosa studená
(lidová/aranžmá Marek Doubrava)
(Marek Doubrava/Petr Kotouš)
Mammanpojan laulu
(lidová/aranžmá Marek Doubrava)
Personnel and sound:

Adéla Petřeková, Petra Kosková, Magdaléna Borová, Pavla Fendrichová, Jan Meduna, Richard Fiala, Ondřej Nosálek, Petr Vaněk a děti - vocal
Rastislav Uhrík - acoustic bass
Martin Kopřiva - drums
Marek Doubrava - guitar, piano 
Slávek Brabec - accordion
Jan Meduna - ukulele, trumpet
Richard Fiala - ukulele
Šárka Petříková, Jan Palouček - violin
Dora Hájková - cello
Daniel Menhart - viola


Recorded by Adam Karlík (Sono Records, Nouzov/CZ)
Mixed and mastered by Pavel & Adam Karlík (Sono Records, Nouzov/CZ)

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