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Beata Hlavenková

About the artist:

Beata Hlavenková is a vocalist, pianist, and composer with an unmistakable, cross-generic style that merges elements of crossover, alternative, jazz, pop, and minimalism. Her musical deeds stretch from her jazz debut Joy for Joel, to a minimalistic solo project Theodoros, or the cross-genre album Scintille. In 2019, she released her sung debut, Sně, with which she won her second Anděl Award (the first was awarded to her album Theodoros). In addition to her own band Kapela Snů (Dream Band) she has been composing film scores and music for theatre plays, and has produced Vojta Nýdl’s album Child of the Wind. She also arranged the album Zvon Iva Bittová and Archa by Dagmar Voňková. 

„Inspiration always comes only after I’ve woken my muses up, after I’ve started the whole process of composing and searching, reading, musing, listening to music, improvisation, and indeed living. With idleness comes no inspiration.“

Artist´s picks from the Animal Music catalogue: Piazzolla by Radek Baborák and his Orquestrina. 


Žena (Sně, 2019)
Chtíc, aby spal (Bethlehem, 2017)
Timelessness (Scintilla, 2016)
Aprilios (Theodoros, 2013)
Verše (Eternal Seekers, 2012)
Bullerbyn (Joy for Joel, 2009)


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