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Markéta Foukalová

New album recorded with the pianist Martin Brunner is out now!
About the artist:

Singer, composer, lyricist, and voice coach who has been an active performer since she was thirteen. As a seventeen-year-old she won the main prize at the voice competition Zlíntalet and started to perform with Czech pop star Eva Pilarová. In the past years, she has sung with and written for a number of bands, including the trip-hop Gang Ala Basta and the acid-jazz Madfinger with whom she won first prize at The Young Jazz Musician’s competition of the Philips International Jazz Festival. She has also collaborated with Michal Pavlíček, Kamil Střihavka, BSP, Michal Prokop, the bands Jasná páka, Hudba Praha, and J.A.R., with Vladimír Mišík on his latest recordings, Matěj Benk on the project Planety, or the jazz big band Concept Art Orchestra, and she has also performed with the classical-music Duo Teres. Her home and main focus, however, has been the band Lanugo which whom she has released four albums to date. A co-founder and the director of children’s choir Beznot, Foukalová also teaches at the Jaroslav Deyl Conservatory and New York University in Prague. Lanugo released its debut album in 2009 with Animal Music. 

Colors (2009)
If Only (2009)
Fool (2009)


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