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Markéta Foukalová & Martin Brunner

Svou chvíli

The new album of singer Markéta Foukalová and pianist Martin Brunner (Svou chvíli - "A While of One's Own") features a live recording of a performance that took place on 10 February 2022 in the DOX+ in Prague. The project, entitled “Jazz Poetry”, included a world premiere of Brunner’s cycle based on poems by Věra Koubová, commissioned by the Prague Symphony Orchestra that also accompanied the performance under the baton of Marko Ivanović. Alongside the two protagonists, the performance featured Vít Křišťan on Fender Rhodes. The present recording is the second live recording of a performance within the concert cycle New Horizons, which combines jazz and symphonic music, released from Animal Music in collaboration with the Czech Radio. If A While of One’s Own is Brunner’s first composition for a large symphonic orchestra, he has been composing music for classical chamber ensembles (Duo Teres, Trio Clavio) and recorded an album featuring jazz trio and the Epoque Quartet (Morning Walks, 2013). Alongside these activities, he has been dedicating himself to his own jazz-rock formation, Martin Brunner Band (Levels of Life, 2019), and has been one of the core authors associated with the jazz big band, Concept Art Orchestra.


ANI 104-2
10,50 €
Rozsypáno (Martin Brunner / Věra Koubová)
Zmizel (Martin Brunner / Věra Koubová)
Závrať (Martin Brunner / Věra Koubová)
Od prahu k prahu (Martin Brunner / Věra Koubová)
Svou chvíli (Martin Brunner / Věra Koubová)
Světlo za mřížemi (Martin Brunner / Věra Koubová)
Ze zázemí (Martin Brunner / Věra Koubová)
Nadchází den (Martin Brunner / Věra Koubová)
Personnel and sound:

Markéta Foukalová – vocal

Martin Brunner – piano

Vít Křišťan – Rhodes piano

Marko Ivanović – conducter

Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra


Petr Ostrouchov – producer

Milan Cimfe, Adam Karlík a Roman Kolliner  live recording, 10th February at DOX+

Milan Cimfe, Adam Karlík a Petr Ostrouchov  postproduction of vocals and mixing, Sono Records Doupě

Press Release:
Photos (print quality)
Markéta Foukalová, foto: Vojtěch Brtnický
Martin Brunner, foto: Vojtěch Brtnický
Markéta Foukalová, foto: Vojtěch Brtnický
Foukalová, Křišťan, Ivanović, foto: Vojtěch Brtnický
Marko Ivanović, foto: Vojtěch Brtnický
Křišťan, Foukalová, Brunner, foto: Vojtěch Brtnický
Markéta Foukalová, foto: Zuzana Bönisch
Martin Brunner, foto: Zuzana Bönisch
Martin Brunner, foto: Zuzana Bönisch


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