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Mirek Kemel

About the artist:

Mirek Kemel, or Miroslav Kemel, as he is known in the world of humourist cartoons, is a man of two careers. His original cartoons have been appearing in most of the major Czech daily newspapers since 1991, starting with Lidové noviny, later in Hospodářské noviny, MF Dnes, and, since 2014, Právo. But besides his work as a cartoonist, Kemel has been writing articles, columns and commentaries for various magazines and since his youth he has also been active as a performing musician (having recorded his first album in 2011). Throughout his career, he has strictly separated his two spheres of activity as a humourist and musician (the latter production being more introverted and poetic) and used the colloquial, shorter form of his first name in his music career. In October 2021, the results of Miroslav and Mirek Kemel’s work coincided when a new album, Vlčí stopy, recorded in collaboration with producer Petr Ostrouchov and his band Blue Shadows was released almost simultaneously with a publication by Galén of a collection of Kemel’s cartoons under the title “...don’t be a disgrace and clear off to the pub!”

Vlk (2021)
Mrkvový dort (2021)
Ptáci hoří (2021)


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