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About the artist:

Accordion, trombone and double bass. This original combination of instruments is not a result of an attempt to come up with something shockingly novel but a natural union of three people who share the same musical and personal temperament and who find their collaboration mutually inspiring. Their original repertoire is very diverse and incorporates elements of jazz, folk music, classical music and compositional principles of contemporary music. All the three musicians – Vojta Drnek (accordion), Richard Šanda (trombone) and Michal Šelep (double bass) – have collaborated also in other projects within a wide range of genres, and they have based their repertoire and original music as a trio on all sorts of contemporary trends that they have found appealing. Their music, which they describe as contemporary chamber jazz, reflects and further explores the sound possibilities of this line up. 

Artists picks from the Animal Music catalogue: Vojta Drnek - Mateřština by Jiří Slavík and  Invisible Faces by Tomáš Liška, Michal Šelep recommends Autumn Tales by David Dorůžka, and Richard Šanda picks Martin Brunner’s Morning Walks.


Perseverance (2021)
How Do You Feel? (2021)
Drunk (2021)


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