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Zkoleduj se

About the artist:

The charity philantropic and educative project Zkoleduj se (Get Carolled) was first initiated in 2017 by actor Petr Vaňek and his friends who wanted to bring artists together with children, students and local communities and to support them through a common activity. The goal of the project is not only to revive the tradition of collective singing in the pre-Christmas time, and to share the joy of music-making, but to motivate children and students to take interest in the life of their communities and learn how they can be of service to them. During the four years of its existence, the team performed eleven concerts that involved more than 350 children and over 2.500 listeners, and have been able to collect more than half a million Czech Crowns, which have been donated to various social services providers. In 2019, a recording of thirteen Czech and international Christmas songs was released by Animal Music, mostly in original arrangements by Marek Doubrava from the Hmm... band. The concert activities of the team of Zkoleduj se ceased in 2022, but the album teeming with cheerful energy resulting from joint music-making has remained an important item in the Christmas mini-section of the Animal Music catalogue.

Byla cesta ušlapaná (2019)
Vondráši Matóši (2019)
Nesem vám noviny (2019)


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