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CD release party of Twenties by Jaromír Honzák


Jaromír Honzák and his band will launch the new Twenties album in Jazz Dock on March 7th. Don't miss one of the few opportunities to hear this super-band consisting of Honzák-Křišťan-Dorůžka-Soukup-Novák live. We look forward to seeing you there! 

from Ondřej Bezr's review:

"The Twenties album says more than meets the eye. For example, it shows the wisdom of Jaromír Honzák, who puts the idea of a "bass album" on its head by hardly soloing, investing all the more artistically in thinking and composing, but undoubtedly especially in the position of a staple of a great band that hasn't changed its line-up for three albums. And also about how well Vít Křistan's modern sound inventiveness and the bandleader's approach to creation get along. It says a lot about the shift of David Dorůžka from the position of perhaps the most introverted Czech jazzman to a musician who is not afraid to play more straightforwardly and harder. And the other two members of the quintet, Luboš Soukup and Martin Novák, as if "out of the blue", play their instruments in the first league."



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