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Za vodou

Dunaj, the legendary band of the alternative Brno scene of the 1990s release their first album in 26 years, titled “Za vodou” (Across the Water). The busy career of the band, studded with six albums throughout the final decade of the last century, came to a halt after the passing of the singer Jiří Kolšovský. And although the other three members of the band never disappeared from the scene and were active in other projects and formations, they only came back together as “Dunaj” in 2019. Having met on the set of a documentary about the band, “Dunaj of the Mind”, they decided it was time to start playing together again. The role of the lead vocalist has been filled by guitarist and bass guitarist Vladimír Václavek who has in the meantime released a number of solo albums and become member of Iva Bittová’s band Čikori. The trio of musicians – Vladimír Václavek, Josef Ostřanský, and Pavel Koudelka – invited electronic producer Aid Kid to collaborate with them on this new recording, together with producer Petr Ostrouchov. Representatives of the next musical generation, Kid and Ostrouchov have collaborated on the highly acclaimed album “Řeka” (River) by Lenka Dusilová. The new album brings ten new songs by Dunaj. Two of these had been recorded by Kolšovský, though they were never published in his lifetime, and he could thus join his colleagues on this new release. A distinguished guest on the album is Iva Bittová whose voice features in five of the songs. Bittová collaborated with the band on two previous legendary albums (“Dunaj a Iva Bittová”, 1989; “Pustit musíš”, 1995) and appeared at many joint performances.

ANI 109
34,00 €
24bit / 48kHz
Kapka (Dunaj / Karel David)
Je to jak (Dunaj / Vladimír Václavek)
Jako had (Dunaj / Vladimír Václavek)
Za vodou (Dunaj / Vladimír Václavek)
Vlny (Dunaj / Karel David)
Potichu (Dunaj / Vladimír Václavek)
Chci (Dunaj / Josef Ostřanský)
Okamžik (Dunaj / Vladimír Václavek)
Are You Human? (Dunaj / Vladimír Václavek, Josef Ostřanský)
Na druhé straně (Vladimír Strakoš, Dunaj / Vladimír Strakoš, Vladimír Václavek)
Personnel and sound:

Vladimír Václavek – vocals, bass, guitars

Josef Ostřanský – guitars, vocals

Pavel Koudelka – drums, percussion, vocals

Jiří Kolšovský – vocals recorded in 1994 (tracks 2 & 6) 

Iva Bittová – vocals (tracks 1, 2, 4, 5 & 10)

Petr Ostrouchov – keyboards, guitars, bass, percussion, ukulele, balaphone, kalimba, jew’s harp, vocals

Aid Kid – keyboards, effects & treatments, accordion


Producers: Petr Ostrouchov & Aid Kid

Recording: Milan Cimfe (Sono Records Doupě)

Mix: Milan Cimfe, Aid Kid, Petr Ostrouchov (Sono Records Doupě), premixes by Adam Karlík

Mastering: Pavel Karlík (Sono Records Doupě)

Iva Bittová’s vocals recording: Aid Kid, Petr Ostrouchov 

Jiří Kolšovský’s vocals recording: Volkmar Miedtke, July 1994, used by kind permission of Rachot / Behémót

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