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Šťastné dieťa (Happy Child)

Šťastné dieťa (Happy Child) is the new album of singer, songwriter and lyricist Katarzia. Rather than basing her new project on electronics, the sound frame of her previous recordings, Katarzia and producer Petr Ostrouchov (known for his previous collaborations with Vladimír Mišík, Lenka Dusilová, Dunaj, Dagmar Voňková, Iva Bittová, and others), chose the format of an acoustic recording with a studio band. The latter features young Slovak pianist Kristína Smetanová, drummer Roman Vícha, bassist Tomáš Liška, and Petr Ostrouchov who plays the guitar. On chosen tracks, Swedish trumpeter Oskar Stenmark, horn player Radek Baborák and clarinetist Vojtěch Nýdl have joined the band as guests. For her sixth album, Katarzia has authored ten new songs in which she explores the life experience of contemporary women through a focus on interpersonal relationships in the current world. She also delves deeper into family ties and topics such as unwanted pregnancy, finding love at midlife or female friendship. The personal and intimate character of these songs is enhanced by the fact that Katarzia composed most of them on the family piano – an heirloom that she has only recently been able to have transported from her native town of Košice in eastern Slovakia to Prague where she now lives. All her previous albums are available at Slnko Records

ANI 121-2
32,00 €
24 bit / 48kHz
Šťastné dieťa
Kniha nepokoja
Pohár mlieka
Neveríš si
V noci (bonus track)
Personnel and sound:

Katarzia – lead vocal, synthesizer, acoustic guitar, flute

Roman Vícha – drums

Tomáš Liška – bass, acoustic bass

Kristína Smetanová – piano, rhodes piano, welson organ, prepared piano

Petr Ostrouchov – wurlitzer, syntheziser, acoustic & electric guitar, mellotrone, percussion

Milan Cimfe – tamburine

Stephanie Alvarenga – chorus (1)

Oskar Stenmark – trumpet (1)

Radek Baborák – French horn (7)

Vojta Nýdl – bass  clarinet (10)

Veronika Vítová, Marta Kloučková – vocals (10)

KK & KT – text messages (10)


Produced by: Petr Ostrouchov
Recording: Milan Cimfe, Sono Doupě Records
Mix: Milan Cimfe, Adam Karlík & Petr Ostrouchov, Sono Doupě Records
Mastering: Adam Karlík & Pavel Karlík, Sono Doupě Records

Art direction / grafický design: Jiří Mocek (Permanent Office), 2023

Fotografie: Shotby.us, 2023


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