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Marie Puttnerová

Laila tov

Singer Marie Puttnerová who has been active on the Czech Music scene as member of original folk formations Jablkoň and Půljablkoň and indie-pop award winning superband Zvíře jménem Podzim is releasing her long-awaited solo album. The album entitled “Laila tov” was recorded in collaboration with British producer Eddie Stevens (Roisín Murphy, Moloko, Jana Kirschner, Robert Křesťan & Druhá tráva) and two musicians with whom she has been collaborating of late, Martin Novák (Robert Křesťan & Druhá tráva, Lanugo, Blue Shadows, Jaromír Honzák Quintet, Baromantika, David Dorůžka Trio) and Petr Uvira (Ladě, Heimat, Jitka Šuranská, Vladivojna la Chia). In addition to these musical partners, she has collaborated on the songs featuring on the record with others, not least Vlastimil Třešňák, who authored lyrics for four of the songs. The album also includes two poems by Jan Zahradníček. The songs have been part of the singer´s concert repertoire for the past few years. The producer Eddie Stevens gave them an entirely new original sound during the recording sessions at the Birdland Studios in Slovakia, which took place short before the singer´s second child was born. “I had to get pregnant for the second time in order to set the wheel in motion. The songs were written during the past ten years, but a single week and several e-mails and phone calls were enough to make the recording happen, something I´ve secretly wished for years,“ says Marie Puttnerová. The producer Eddie Stevens also produced the last two highly acclaimed albums by Robert Křesťan & Druhá tráva (Part I, Part II), Jana Kirschner´s award winning albums (Moruša: Biela, Moruša: Čierna), and also collaborated with Roisín Murphy, Moloko and Freak Power.


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ANI 113-2
34,00 €
(Vlastimil Třešňák / Vlastimil Třešňák)
Píseň o domově
(Jakub König, Martin Novák / Jan Zahradníček)
(Marie Puttnerová / Marie Puttnerová)
(Marie Puttnerová / Marie Puttnerová)
(lidová, úprava Marie Puttnerová / lidová)
Laila tov
(Luboš Soukup / Vlastimil Třešňák)
(Jakub König, Martin Novák, Marie Puttnerová / Jan Zahradníček)
(Marie Puttnerová / Vlastimil Třešňák)
Baroneta Prášila
(Marie Puttnerová / Vlastimil Třešňák)
Personnel and sound:

Marie Puttnerová – vocal, percussion, glockenspiel, melodica, viola

Martin Novák – acoustic guitar, violin, viola, drums, percussion, glockenspiel, xylophone, bassguitar, piano, vocals

Petr Uvira – acoustic & electric guitar, bassguitar, ukulele

Eddie Stevens – piano, keys, Hammond organ

Rastislav Uhrík – bassguitar

Tomáš Šenkyřík – field records


Recording: Miloš Rojko Jr, Eddie Stevens, Birdland Studios, Považská Teplá/SK

Mix: Eddie Stevens, Rancid Mead Sorbet Studios, London/UK

Mastering: Darius van Helfteren, Amsterdam Mastering/NL

Press Release:
Photos (print quality)
Marie Puttnerová, foto: Dušan Tománek
Marie Puttnerová, foto: Dušan Tománek
Marie Puttnerová, foto: Richard Köhler
Eddie Stevens, foto: Richard Köhler
Martin Novák, foto: Richard Köhler
Petr Uvira, foto: Richard Köhler
Rasťo Uhríík, foto: Richard Köhler
foto: Richard Köhler


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