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Ondřej Pivec: Overseason
Ondřej Pivec


Two well-established players and composers and two of the founding members of the Organic Quartet, organist Ondřej Pivec and drummer Tomáš Hobzek, took off to New York in the summer of 2007 in order to gain new experience. After they met a plethora of interesting jazz musicians and had a chance to perform with some of them in the local clubs, they returned to Prague with a new album on their hands. It had been recorded in New York with the eminent Jake Langley on the guitar and Joel Frahm on the saxophone. The material for the album has been provided by three of the four players and has been complemented with two jazz standards. The spontaneity with which this project originated as almost a “byproduct” has positively marked the overall character of the recording. Energetic funky jazz.

ANI 006-2
8,50 €
16bit / 44.1kHz
Song For Sam
(Ondřej Pivec)
(Bronislaw Kaper)
Nine Days Wonder
(Ondřej Pivec)
(Ondřej Pivec)
Beautiful Smile
(Ondřej Pivec)
The Red Land Town
(Tomáš Hobzek)
Blues For Doc
(Jake Langley)
Inner Urge
(Joe Henderson)
Personnel and sound:

Ondřej Pivec – Hammond B-3
Jake Langley – guitar
Tomáš Hobzek – drums
Joel Frahm – tenor saxophone


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ken Wallace (Ian London Long Island Studio, New York/USA)

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