Piazzolla - Radek Baborák Orquestrina - 2019 | Animal Music
Radek Baborák Orquestrina: Piazzolla
Radek Baborák Orquestrina


The phenomenal French-horn player Radek Baborák comes with a new album (his second on Animal Music) featuring music by the Argentine composer Ástor Piazzolla, in arrangements that were tailor-made for his eleven-member ensemble which unites foremost Czech and international players. Piazzolla’s music – which listeners all over the world know as a one of the purest expressions of “tango nuevo”– does not feature French horn. Radek Baborák, however, continues on his pioneering mission of an arranger and a performer of Piazzolla’s work in atypical line-ups. The role of the bandoneon – traditionally the carrier of the Argentine-tango sound – is here taken over by the French horn, the bass clarinet, violin and piano. Baborák thus succeeds in reaching his desired aim, which is not to sound as one of the many “revival bands” of Piazzolla’s own legendary quintet. Instead, the arrangements let the music itself stand out and they highlight the masterful invention of Piazzolla who was able to combine in his compositions great expressivity and exulted passion with melancholy and humbleness. All those qualities remain at the heart of the interpretation by Radek Baborák Orquestrina while they are taken to a whole new level in this recording based on perfect harmony and vigorous interpretation.

ANI 084-2
13,00 €
(Ástor Piazzolla/aranžmá Tomáš Ille)
(Ástor Piazzolla/aranžmá Tomáš Ille)
Tango Etude No. 1
(Ástor Piazzolla/aranžmá Radek Baborák)
Michelangelo 70
(Ástor Piazzolla/aranžmá Radek Baborák)
Tango Etude No. 4
(Ástor Piazzolla/aranžmá Radek Baborák)
Fuga y Misterio
(Ástor Piazzolla/aranžmá Radek Baborák a Tomáš Ille)
Tango Etude No. 3
(Ástor Piazzolla/aranžmá Radek Baborák)
Butcher's Death
(Ástor Piazzolla/aranžmá Tomáš Ille)
Milonga del Ángel
(Ástor Piazzolla/aranžmá Radek Baborák)
Tango del Diablo
(Ástor Piazzolla/aranžmá Radek Baborák)
Resurrección del Ángel
(Ástor Piazzolla/aranžmá Tomáš Ille)
Tanti anni prima (Ave Maria)
Ástor Piazzolla
Personnel and sound:

Radek Baborák - French horn, artistic director 
Petr Valášek - bass clarinet & alt saxophone 
Bence Bogányi - bassoon
Miriam Rodrigez Brüllová - guitar
Václav Krahulík - piano
Dalibor Karvay - 1st violin
Martin Bačová - 2nd violin
Karel Untermüller - viola
Hana Baboráková - cello
David Pavelka - double bass
Jiří Stivín Jr. - percussion


Recorded by Milan Cimfe, Petr Ostrouchov & Vojtěch Svatoš (Sono Records, Nouzov/CZ)
Mixed by Milan Cimfe & Petr Ostrouchov (Sono Records, Nouzov/CZ)
Mastered by Pavel Karlík & Adam Karlík (Sono Records, Nouzov/CZ)

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