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Vertigo Quintet & Dorota Barová
Vertigo Quintet & Dorota Barová

Vertigo Quintet & Dorota Barová

The jazz formation Vertigo Quintet originated around  2002 as a young dynamic group of musicians(Marcel Bárta, Vojtěch Procházka, Oskar Törok, Rastislav Uhrík and Daniel Šoltis) united in their search for an original musical expression. The ensemble which has been an important player on the Czech jazz scene for fifteen years, soon developed its individual, distinctive sound. This album is their second recording (for their debut in 2005 the band received an “Anděl” Award) and it is the result of a collaboration of many years with the singer and cellist Dorota Barová, today a regular member of Vertigo. The result is a fragile and atmospheric music that is highly refined in terms of arrangement and composition. Very listener-friendly, it combines inspiration by free jazz, world music, contemporary classical music and pop music. The album was recorded in Poland in collaboration with the sound engineer Tadeusz Mieczkowski. 



ANI 008-2
8,50 €
16bit / 44.1kHz
(Vojtěch Procházka)
(Dorota Barová/Dorota Barová)
B – / C#
(Vojtěch Procházka)
(Oskar Török/Dorota Barová)
Em outra parte
(Marcel Bárta)
(Marcel Bárta/Dorota Barová)
(Marcel Bárta)
Personnel and sound:

Marcel Bárta – soprano and tenor saxophone
Oskar Török – trumpet
Vojtěch Procházka – piano
Rastislav Uhrík – acoustic bass
Daniel Šoltis – drums and percussion 
Dorota Barová – vocal, cello


Recorded by Tadeusz Mieczkowski (Polskie Radio S.A., Studio S4, Warsaw/PL)
Mixed by Tadeusz Mieczkowski (Preisner Studio, Niepolomice/PL)
Mastered by Tadeusz Mieczkowski (Sound and More, Warsaw/PL)

Press Release:
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Vertigo Qunitet (foto Václav Jirásek)
Vertigo Qunitet (foto Václav Jirásek)
Vertigo Qunitet (foto Václav Jirásek)


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