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Tomáš Hobzek

About the artist:

Tomáš Hobzek, drummer and a founding member of Organic Quartet, describes his style as modern jazz or improvised music with the elements of avant-garde jazz. „I suppose, thematically, I have been most strongly influenced by musicians such as Brad Mehldau, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Aaron Parks, and their generation in general. In terms of sound, the strongest influence has probably been the Wayne Shorter Quartet. Generally, I’m most interested in simple themes and their application and development in extensive improvisations.“

To date, Tomáš Hobzek has released two albums with his quartet, featuring his own music. He also regularly appears with many other formations, including Petr Kalfus’s trio, with the vocalist Melanie Scholtz, or with The Track Inspection. 

Artist´s picks from the Animal Music catalogue. Anything by Vertigo, but especially their album Daleko.

Frozen Clock
(Supernatural Phenomena, 2019)
Universal Engine
(Supernatural Phenomena, 2019)
Red Land Town
(Stick It Out, 2010)


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