Jaromír Honzák (photo Dušan Tománek)

Jaromír Honzák wins the Czech Music Academy Award


The album Early Music received the Czech Music Academy Award for the best jazz album of 2017! JAROMÍR HONZÁK, now holding five Czech Music Academy Awards, is an outstanding composer, double bass player and teacher whom many members of the younger Czech jazz generation consider as their guru. On this album, Honzák was inspired by early music, he explains: „I wouldn’t consider myself qualified enough to name any particular parallels but I do feel strongly inspired. With Bach but also with medieval music, it’s often about some kind of counterpoint. In medieval music, its concept is much looser and it thus opens large possibilities for experiment and composition within the contemporary sound context. My goal wasn’t so much to bring the sound of early music to our time but accept counterpoint and the way it leads the voices as an inspiring principle.” 
He recorderd the album together with some of the finest Czech jazz musicians DAVID DORŮŽKA (guitar), LUBOŠ SOUKUP (saxophone, clarinet), VÍT KŘIŠŤAN (piano, electronics) and MARTIN NOVÁK (drums and percussions): “The contribution of my colleagues is invaluable; their contribution to the sound and effect of my compositions has been decisive. Their emphathy, invention and creativity, not to mention their skills, are just immense,” says Honzák.

Czech Music Academy has picked the winning album out of 5 albums nominated in the category of the best jazz album. You can find them all in our catalogue. The other 4 nominees were:  
Beata Hlavenková (Bethlehem)
Štěpánka Balcarová (Life and Happiness of Julian Tuwim)
Tomáš Liška (Invisible Faces)
Luboš Soukup feat. Lionel Loueke (Země)