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Jaromír Honzák: Early Music
Jaromír Honzák

Early Music

The double bassist and composer Jaromír Honzák who holds five national music awards "Anděl" returns with his new album to the age-old inspirational sources of modern music, to the essence of music and its basic building blocks, in terms of both content and form. This is indeed where the title of the album, “Early Music”, comes from. Besides Honzák’s own compositions the recording comprises an arrangement of an anonymous medieval composition and a piece by Oldřich Janota. Honzák’s partners on this recording are exponents of the Czech jazz efflorescence: David Dorůžka on the guitar, Vít Křišťan on the piano, Luboš Soukup on the saxophone and Martin Novák on the drums.
The album was awarded the Czech Music Academy Award for the best jazz recording of 2017. 


ANI 069-2
10,50 €
16bit / 44.1kHz
Ray of Sun
(Jaromír Honzák)
Catching the Elusive
(Jaromír Honzák)
Talea Iacta Est
(Jaromír Honzák)
Legend of Vimana
(Jaromír Honzák)
Březový háj (Birch Grove)
(Oldřich Janota, arranged by Jaromír Honzák)
Tournai Mass
(medieval anonymous)
(Jaromír Honzák)
(Jaromír Honzák)
Personnel and sound:

David Dorůžka - electric & acoustic guitar 
Luboš Soukup - clarinet & tenor saxophone
Vít Křišťan - piano, Fender Rhodes, electronics
Jaromír Honzák electric & acoustic bass
Martin Novák - drums, percussion & glockenspiel 



Reocrded by Milan Cimfe a Adam Karlík (Sono Records, Nouzov/CZ)
Mixed by Milan Cimfe (Sono Records, Nouzov/CZ)
Mastered by Pavel Karlík (Sono Records, Nouzov/CZ)

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