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David Dorůžka: Silently Dawning
David Dorůžka

Silently Dawning

The guitarist David Dorůžka whose renown has long ago surpassed the borderlines of the Czech scene and whose debut album “Hidden Pahts” (2004) has been crowned with
anumber of accolades, has released his second album. It is composed of his own pieces on the poetry of Emily Dickinson (in English), the Czech 20th-century poet Jiří Orten (in Czech) and on the lyrics of the Swedish singer Josefine Lindstrand (in Swedish) who joined Dorůžka in the studio and performs in all the three languages on the album. The accompaniment is provided by the Polish rhythmic duo Łukasz Żyta (drums and percussion) and Michał Barański (bass). The intimate and candid music in excellent performance and faultless sound received the “Anděl” Award for the best jazz album of 2008.

ANI 007-2
10,50 €
16bit / 44.1kHz
The Things That Never Can Come Back
(David Dorůžka / Emily Dickinson)
(David Dorůžka / Josefine Lindstrand)
The Heart Has Narrow Banks
(David Dorůžka / Emily Dickinson)
Percussion interlude
(Łukasz Żyta)
Noc a den
(David Dorůžka / Jiří Orten)
I Felt My Life
(David Dorůžka / Emily Dickinson)
(David Dorůžka / Josefine Lindstrand)
Before Spring Comes
(David Dorůžka)
Voice and guitar introduction
(David Dorůžka / Josefine Lindstrand)
Forever Lost
(David Dorůžka / Josefine Lindstrand)
Hope Is the Thing with Feathers
(David Dorůžka / Emily Dickinson)
(David Dorůžka / Jiří Orten)
Personnel and sound:

David Dorůžka – electric & acoustic guitar 
Josefine Lindstrand – voice
Michał Barański – acoustic bass
Łukasz Żyta – drums & percussion 


Recorded and mixed by Lukáš Martinek (Studio Svárov/CZ)
Mastered by Bob Katz (Digital Domain, Florida/USA)

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