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Tiburtina Ensemble & David Dorůžka Trio: Apokalypsis
Tiburtina Ensemble & David Dorůžka Trio


The female vocal Tiburtina Ensemble is a rarity on the Czech music scene. Founded in 2008, it specializes in the interpretation of Gregorian chant, medieval polyphony and contemporary music while it is one of the leading European performers of Early Music. For the present programme, “Apokalypsis”, the leader of the ensemble Barbora Sojková has made a selection from the Spanish medieval manuscript Codex Las Huelgas, complemented by several pieces from other sources, including Gregorian chant. The program is based on a thematic link with the New Testament Book of Revelation (the Apocalypse of John). The ensemble has invited distinguished guests from the local jazz scene, including David Dorůžka on the guitar, Marcel Bárta on the saxophone and Martin Novák on the drums. Their fabulous improvisations that by far exceed the boundaries of jazz, have been inspired by the medieval vocal compositions and the story of the Apocalypse. The recording sessions took place at the Zvíkov castle in the South Bohemia region, using the unique acoustic of the ancient Royal Palace. On those two December days in 2013, the temperature outside and inside the ancient walls barely exceeded zero degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit). 

ANI 041-2
15,00 €
16bit / 44.1kHz
Conductus Audi, pontus; audi, tellus
​Offertorium Stetit angelus
​Introitus Signum magnum – Psalmus 98 (97)
​Moteto In saeculum - In saeculum - In saeculum
Communio Dico vobis
Interlude I.
Lectio Ad decus ecclesiae - Lectio Libri Apocalypsis
​Interlude II.
Moteto Homo miserabilis – Brumas est mors
Canticum Benedictus es, Domine, Deus
​Moteto Belial vocatur
Moteto Tres sunt causae
Conductus Casta catholica – Da, dulcis domina
Interlude III.
​Antiphona Audivi vocem – Psalmus 121 (120)
​Sequentia Dies irae
​Conductus Audi, pontus; audi tellus (reprise)
Personnel and sound:

Barbora Sojková (artistic director), Ivana Bilej Brouková, Daniela Čermáková, Lucie Havránková, Marta Fadljevičová, Kamila Mazalová, Pavla Štěpničková – voices


David Dorůžka – acoustic and electric guitar 
Marcel Bárta – soprano and tenor saxofone, bassclarinet
Martin Novák – drums and percussion 


Recorded and mixed by Aleš Dvořák, assisted by Jan Košulič (Zvíkov Castle & Sound Studio HAMU, Prague/CZ)
Mastered by Pavel Karlík (Sono Records, Nouzov/CZ)
Recording director: Petr Ostrouchov

Press Release:
Photos (print quality)
Tiburtina Ensemble & David Dorůžka Trio (photo Dušan Tománek)
David Dorůžka (photo Dušan Tománek)
David Dorůžka, Marcel Bárta (photo Dušan Tománek)
Marcel Bárta (photo Dušan Tománek)
Martin Novák (photo Dušan Tománek)
Marcel Bárta (photo Dušan Tománek)
Tiburtina Ensemble (photo Dušan Tománek)


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