A Question to All Your Anwsers - Jaromír Honzák - 2007
Jaromír Honzák Quartet: A Question To All Your Answers
Jaromír Honzák Quartet

A Question to All Your Answers

This is the fourth studio album of the legendary and award-winning bassist, composer and teacher Jaromír Honzák. It was his first album, however, to have been released with the Animal Music label. Honzák here collaborates with a trio of Czech-Polish musicians, including the Czech guitarist David Dorůžka and two excellent Polish players: the pianist Michal Tokaj and the drummer Lukasz Zyta. Honzák’s work is highly valued on the international musical scene, especially for his deep, pensive musicality, his sense of the melodic line and elegant, elaborate harmonies.
The album received the "Anděl" award for the best jazz album of 2008.  

ANI 005-2
10,50 €
16bit / 44.1kHz
Wiener´s Wings
(Jaromír Honzák)
The Rain´s Message
(Jaromír Honzák)
Great Adventure Of The Last Leaf
(Jaromír Honzák)
Now I Know
(Jaromír Honzák)
A Question To All Your Answers
(Jaromír Honzák)
Chance´s Choice
(Jaromír Honzák)
You In That Picture
(Jaromír Honzák)
Timeless Piece
(Jaromír Honzák)
Personnel and sound:

Jaromír Honzák – acoustic bass
David Dorůžka – guitar
Michał Tokaj – piano, fender piano
Lukasz Żyta – drums


Tomáš Čistecký – clarinet, bass clarinet
Lucie Čistecká – flute
Vojtěch Procházka – piano


Recorded by Jan Smoczynski (Tokarnia Studio, Nieporet/PL) and Karel Fisl (Studio A Českého rozhlasu, Prague/CZ)
Mixed by Ivo Viktorin (Studio V, Zlín/CZ)
Mastered by Pavel Vavřík (Studio V, Zlín/CZ)

Press Release:
Photos (print quality)
Jaromír Honzák (photo Václav Jirásek)
Jaromír Honzák (photo Václav Jirásek)
Jaromír Honzák (photo Václav Jirásek)


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