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Tomáš Sýkora Trio & Aid Kid


Jazz pianist and composer Tomáš Sýkora releases a new album of his own music that mixes traditional jazz trio sound with electronics. On the latter aspect, the trio has collaborated with the distinguished producer Aid Kid. Together, they have created a dynamic and highly original fusion of jazz and electronic music that has enthused concert audiences as well. The current line-up of the band – Tomáš Sýkora, Aid Kid, Tomáš Liška and Roman Vícha – is Sýkora’s dream come true, since it brings together, as he explains, not only excellent musicians but some of his favourite people as well. “I’m really happy that we have managed to use the classical format of a jazz piano trio as the basis of a colourful and very versatile form which changes with each performance. Not only do we have good chemistry in the band, but we have created ‘alchemy’!” says Tomáš Sýkora about his new project, making a reference to its title, Alchemy.  

ANI 114
13,00 €
(Tomáš Sýkora)
Start Up
(Tomáš Sýkora)
Cermak Road
(Tomáš Sýkora)
Red Faces
(Tomáš Sýkora)
Avishai & Shai
(Tomáš Sýkora)
(Tomáš Sýkora)
West in Blue
(Tomáš Sýkora)
(Tomáš Sýkora)
That's Life
(Tomáš Sýkora)
Personnel and sound:

Tomáš Sýkora – piano, synthesizers, samples

Aid Kid – electronics, samples

Tomáš Liška – bass guitar

Roman Vícha – drums

guest: Ocze – samples (track No. 1) 


Producers: Tomáš Sýkora & Aid Kid

Recording: Milan Cimfe & Aid Kid (Sono Doupě Records, Golden Hive)

Mix: Milan Cimfe, Aid Kid, Tomáš Sýkora & Petr Ostrouchov 

Mastering: Adam Karlík


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