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Dorota Barová

Dotyk is nominated for „the best jazz album“ at Ceny Anděl 2021 awards.
About the artist:

„I consider myself above all a song writer, even though in the twenty years of my career I have received recognition in a number of other spheres. It has been termed ambient alternative song. For me, music is simply freedom. Genre is not important. The important thing is the message, the story.“

As a vocalist and cellist, Dorota Barová is member of several chamber bands and larger formations (Tara Fuki, Vertigo, Tellemark, Aneta Langerová band). Her voice is immediately recognizable and she mostly sings in Polish since she comes from Třinec and Polish is the language “of her choice”. As a composer, arranger and author of lyrics, she has collaborated with Lenka Dusilová, Dagmar Voňková, Beata Hlavenková, and many others.

Artist´s picks from the Animal Music catalogue: „The second solo recording of drummer Tomáš Hobzek, Supernatural Phenomena, which even after several hearings sounds as powerful and compact as on the first occasion, due to the wonderful constellation of performers and their perfect mutual communication.“


Obok mnie
(Dotyk, 2021)
(Dotyk, 2021)
Twoje imię
(Iluzja, 2018)
(Daleko, 2019)
(Vertigo Quintet & Dorota Barová, 2008)


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