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Iva Bittová

About the artist:

Iva Bittová has been fascinating audiences in the Czech Republic and worldwide with her original programmes and performance style. Though she has been living in the USA for many years now, performing with musicians from across different genres, she regularly appears on stage in her home country and takes part in many projects outside the sphere of music as well. In the catalogue of Animal Music, her work is represented by the album Zvon (The Bell), which is a representative overview of her songwriting in arrangements for a symphonic orchestra, the album Eviyan-Nayive, on which she collaborated with internationally renowned musicians Evan Ziporyn and Gyan Riley, and she also features on Lenka Dusilová’s album Řeka (River) and the new album by the Dunaj band, titled Za vodou (Beyond Water) where she appears as a guest vocalist. Recently, she has also been performing in duo with her son, the pianist and composer Antonín Fajt.

Kind of... (Nayive, 2015)
Melismantra (Nayive, 2015)
Zapískej (Zvon, 2012)
Zelený víneček (Zvon, 2012)


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