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Lenka Dusilová

About the artist:

Lenka Dusilová is one of the most original presences on the Czech music scene. Her latest studio recording is the album Řeka (River), which originated in 2020, in collaboration with the electronic producer Aid Kid and Petr Ostrouchov. Řeka is a conceptually conceived album and a profound personal testimony inspired by stories from the lives of various women in the musician’s family history, as well as by the resilience with which she has been facing her own difficulties. A substantial part of the material originated during the Monumentum project that mapped the ruined historic sights in the former Sudetenland. The album received three Anděl Awards, which makes Lenka Dusilová a nine-time overall recipient of the prize. She introduced the album in a number of club and festival performances with her band Květy, and it was launched in an unforgettable concert performance featuring the full line up of the River Ensemble at the National Theatre’s New Scene in Prague in December 2021.  Since the autumn of 2022 Lenka has been performing with her new Lenka Dusilová Band” whose members are Igor Ochepovsky, Jan Aleš, Ondřej Hauser, Michal Kolouch Daněk and Alena Pohlová.

(Řeka, 2020)
Białe konie (Řeka, 2020)
Vlákna (Řeka, 2020)
Ohně (Eternal Seekers, 2009)
Pro Lenku (Eternal Seekers, 2009)


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