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Marie Puttnerová

Marie Puttnerová will play concert in Dresden
About the artist:

Singer Marie Puttnerová has been active in music since she was a child. She was singing in a choir and various folk and folk-alternative bands. Later, she became member of the well-known folk formations Jablkoň and Půljablkoň (half-Jablkon) and the indie-pop award winning superband Zvíře jménem Podzim. Her musicality spans across genres: „I have participated in many different genres of the musical universe from rock and folk to folklore, choir singing to jazz that I even studied. However, I rather find myself a singer-storyteller that resonate within me and I don´t think it would change anyhow in the future.“ What inspires her most? "Until now, my source of inspiration has almost always been a specific life movement, that gave way to music. However, such moments are not a matter of course in my case, and so when they appear, it is necessary not to be alarmed but to approach them in silence with gratitude." She accepts musical opportunities with an open mind and inner calmness, which is, after all, inaudible in her singing.

Marie Puttnerová presented herself as a "storyteller" back in the pre-covid era, when after years of working alongside other frontmen, she decided to pursue her own solo career, surrounded by a band consisting of Martin Novák (drums) and Petr Uvira (guitar). Together with them and "under the baton" of British producer Eddie Stevens, who also imprinted his visionary signature on the albums of Robert Křesťan and Jana Kirschner, she recorded her debut self-titled album Laila tov in the summer of 2022. For his concert presentation, the band is expanded to include pianist Martin Brunner.

Píseň o domově (Laila tov, 2023)
Milá (Laila tov, 2023)
Mrkvový dort (Mirek Kemel, Vlčí stopy, 2021)


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