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Martin Brunner

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About the artist:

„Besides jazz, I grew up on a diet of art rock. Later, I was greatly influenced by having studied classical music at the conservatoire. When composing, I get inspired by the musicians with whom I collaborate or for whom I’m composing the piece. I’m always conscious of their personality and keep asking myself what I would like to discuss with them through music and what the particular story that I’m trying to tell is. If the music I’ve written doesn’t seem to express what I had in mind in those terms, I delete it. What interests me most in art is its expressiveness and urgency which enables me to tune in to the author’s inner world.“

In 2019, Martin Brunner with his band (Tomáš Fuchs, Rastislav Uhrík, Roman Vícha) recorded a jazz-rock album entitled Levels of Life. He has also authored music for various chamber ensembles, the Concept Art Orchestra big band, and a number of extensive compositions of his own. In 2022, he recorded his musicalisations of poems by Věra Koubová, together with the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra and vocalist Markéta Foukalová. 

Artist´s picks from the Animal Music catalogue: Nononononininini by Vertigo and Jaromír Honzák’s album Blood Sings featuring cover versions of Suzanne Vega’s songs.

Spotless Mind
(Levels of Life, 2019)
Země stoletá - Part 4
(100 Years, 2020)
Vánoce dospělých
(Vánoce dospělých, 2018)
Part II.
(Morning Walks, 2013)


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