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Organic Quartet

About the artist:

Organic Quartet was a major impetus behind the foundation of Animal Music and the quartet’s album Never Enough (2007) was the first jazz title published by the label. Organic Quartet’s debut, Don´t Get Ideas, was released in 2005 and brought the young virtuosic players – Ondřej Pivec, Libor Šmoldas, Jakub Doležal and Tomáš Hobzek, who were all fellow students at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory in Prague – many accolades. Following the departure of the band’s leader, organist Ondřej Pivec, for New York in 2008, they interrupted their activities for a number of years and the album Never Enough remained their last one for a long time. In the meantime, the members of the band all dedicated themselves to their own solo projects and performed with other formations until, exactly ten years after the release of Never Enough, the renewed Organic in the original line up released a new album, Terms and Conditions Apply, and later resumed their concert activities. Whenever Ondřej Pivec is in the country, they try to perform together. All four musicians have also released their own separate projects on Animal Music and have featured on albums with various other line ups.

Fill in the Blanks (Terms and Conditions Apply, 2017)
One for LM (Terms and Conditions Apply, 2017)
Coming Soon (Never Enough, 2007)
Don’t Get Any Ideas (Never Enough, 2007)


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