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Jaromír Honzák

About the artist:

The unique atmosphere of the present moment, dreams about the humankind finally becoming enlightened sometime in the future, the sight of a starry sky...,“ these are some of the moments that Jaromír Honzák has found inspiring and that have an influence on his work. He adds: „Any kind of generally insignificant deed can have a consequence in the Space (or anywhere on the Earth), providing it comes from the bottom of the heart. The same applies to our music...“

Jaromír Honzák is one of the leading representatives of the Czech and Slovak jazz scene on which he has been active since the 1980s. The Israeli jazz critic Adam Baruch describes the character of Honzák’s music as deeply European and permeated with a mythical atmosphere. For five of his albums Honzák has received the prestigious Anděl Award in the jazz category. But he has also been venturing beyond the limits of jazz, especially as a long-term member of the Eben Brothers band, or his collaboration with Iva Bittová and the Čikori band. Apart from that he has maintained an influential teaching position at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and been an important source of inspiration for many musicians of his own and younger generations. 

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Francois Truffaut (Hard to Understand, 2019)
Ray of Sun (Early Music, 2017)
Laika (Uncertainty, 2015)
Solitaire (Blood Sings, 2013)
Little Things (Little Things, 2009)


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